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The Safety Talk, it's a make-or-break component of the safety meeting that, if you're like most instructors, chews up hours of your day to make. 

All the research, writing and proofing eats into time that could be better spent on the front-lines of your organization, supervising and correcting unsafe behavior. Creating a safety culture workers want to buy-in to. 

At SafetyNow, we would love for you to try our products and see how much easier your job can be, but our #1 goal has always been to make the world a safer place to work. 


Did You Know? 75% of Training is Forgotten Within 24 Hours.

Take a Free Pilot Test of SafetyNow to find out how Award-Winning online training, Retention Courses and Instructor-Led Content will revolutionize the way you train. 


Simple Safety Training
SafetyNow makes it simple to meet safety compliance and awareness training requirements in less time and with less effort - onsite or online - across an entire organization.
Ready-to-use Materials
Customizable, ready-to-use training materials to support online, onsite, or blended training programs - including onsite meeting kits, streaming training videos, and interactive online training courses
Works on any device
All-new, fully-responsive training content that's highly engaging and will work on any device.
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